Vacuum Food Sealer

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Have you ever had to throw your favorite food because something was off(usually slimy)?

No more throwing your food away! Just get your Vacuum Food Sealer Bags to keep your food stay fresh longer than before.  These incredible Vacuum Food Sealer Bags will help you get the air out so easily and fast by press down pump to suck out all the air. This revolution helps your favorite food stays much fresher as it freezes and thaws because there's absolutely no air in the bag!

  • Made of eco-friendly rubber paint, fashionable design, durable to use.
  • Food-grade PA and PE composite material, recycle and safe to store food.
  • USB rechargeable, convenient to be powered anytime anywhere.
  • Portable design, mini size, and lightweight, convenient to carry.
  • One-key switch, easy to operate.
  • Permanent auto vacuum sealing without air leakage Comes with 5 vacuum storage bags, convenient to package your food.
  • Suitable for keeping the freshness of meat, fruits, beans, seafood, rice, grains, etc. 
Perfect for:

Soy, peanuts, walnuts, coffee, bananas, mango, strawberries, blueberries, dragon fruit, kiwi, can also put chocolate, Oreo biscuits, raisins, cheese, and other products DIY vacuum preservation.

2 different types of transparent packaging bags, models are as follows

NO.1 : 20cm.x20cm. = 4

NO.2 : 32cm.x25cm. = 1